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An in depth and considered insight into the adverse effects of dust in relation to health.


Sharpening High Speed Steel  vs Carbon Steel

There are subtle differences.  Make sure you know what kind of steel your tool is and sharpen appropriately.

Toxic Timbers

HSE information

Useful for identifying timbers and those which may cause you problems.  If you have health problems or have suffered  unexplained discomfort when turning, refer to this site for information about what is known to give an adverse reaction.


5 thoughts on “Resources”

  1. Leave you my bowl tool? Why, Have you lost the tin opener?

  2. I find it odd that hemlock is low risk.

    • Well —- we learn something every day. Your comment as prompted some serious research.(wikiwatsit and John Boddy’s directory) Seems there is a common plant and the wood, both of the same name. I think we are OK down at BWTC. I haven’t heard of any recently.

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