18th C renovation.


Renewing acquaintances with an old college friend recently resulted in a collaboration to restore this neglected Windsor chair. Spindle turning does occasionally surface and can be very satisfying. This chair is distinctive by its arms which I presume were designed to hold  ash trays, writing implements or maybe painting brushes. Can anyone shed some light on its use?


Back to Basics

I was able to spend a few hours in the garage yesterday after what seems ages due to it being perishing.

A plain, simple bowl in beech. View full size please.

Glowing comments.

A new visitor to the club today, was taken under the tutelage of Steve Cornes .  He came away mightily impressed. Thanks are conveyed to the Wednesday team and Tony SMART.  It seems like the sensible way forward is to open Fridays but that requires a couple of people to step up and supervise proceedings.


It doesn’t seem like two minutes since ANDREW HALL was demonstrating at the club, and he introduced us to his “Blues Bowl”. At the end of the demo he gave us and insight into what its capabilities are with a few tunes.

Well just look who is the next turn. TONY SMART was smart about it and got on one of Andrews’ courses.  Tony is showing off one of the two instruments he came away with. And very nice too.  Tony extols the virtues  of the course and relates that Andrew is a very good instructor but with exacting standards.



We have a few musicians in our midst now and in the unhappy event of one of our demonstrators cancelling at short notice we could have a musical evening.  Tony on Blues Bow, Dave Blackburn on ukulele, Robert Langford on bagpipes just to name but a few.  We just need a drummer. Frank are you up for it?

Link to Andrew Halls website – opens in a new window

Forget-Me-Not Trust


Former member John Toothill recently had the initiative to raise some funds for the above mentioned children’s hospice, which he now helps as a volunteer. Following his acquisition of a quantity of bowl and pen blanks and a few turning tools John remembered his old mates who attend on Thursday at our club.

Most of the blanks were bought at a very reasonable price. Funds have been returned to the bereaved widow of a local turner and £25.00 was donated to hospice funds.

Pity he couldn’t get rid of the turning smock, although referring to the previous item I think this is where Frank Bove found his inspiration.


Club Sponsors Community Arts Project

During the evenings of Wednesday and Thursday 16th & 17th August an event took place on the canal towpath at Mirfield, opposite Safe Anchor Trust and Shepley Marina.  A group of ladies were introduced to the craft of green wood spoon carving by a female bodger. The project is based on a slow moving canal boat in Lancashire and West Yorkshire.       Check out the link  Arts Project .

The club was able to provide enough green sycamore and a small quantity of Jelutong, which should have produced about 24 spoons and were pleased to be associated with the project.selina cooper

More photos can be found on Facebook, if you search for “idle women”