I was asked to write a review of the club’s new audio/visual set up. Well it’s great!

I somehow think I shall have to do better than that to justify my huge fee.

So here goes.  My first impression is that the system is a massive improvement on what we had before. The first thing I noticed was the superior screen resolution, the detail is such that it is possible to tell which way the flute is facing when the demonstrator is working. The combination of new cameras and the new screen is a sure fire winner.  This was the first demo I’ve attended where people sitting near the front watched the screen rather than the demonstrator and that is testament to the quality.

That brings us to the cameras. The quality of the images captured is excellent. They are located in such a manner that a good view of the work being undertaken can be obtained from almost any angle. They can also be zoomed to provide great close ups with very little loss of quality. The auto focus function  could however be slow to react to fast zooms. Perhaps manual focus might be a better option in these situations.

How can the system be made even better?

The lighting is on the whole good but would be even better if another light were to be installed at the front left. When the demonstrator moved to the tail end of the lathe her face went into shadow.

If the camera operator were to sit at the back of the room they would see the screen as the viewers see it.

As mentioned earlier, the use of manual focus in some situations would be beneficial.

There is little that can be said about the sound system other than that on the night it performed faultlessly. The head gear and mike caused no problems for the wearer and the sound was perfect with no interference.

On the whole the system is a great success and a credit to those who put it together. Thanks guys.

Thanks should also be given to the National Lottery Fund who gave the grant which paid for it all.