We had a stimulating day at the club this Thursday.  There were a variety of activities going on.

As I entered I was greeted by the sight of Steve Vause putting one of the new One Way lathes to good use.  He had a long spindle which he was roughing out. He was making a barley twist walking stick.

Ian Nicholson was making a traditional stalkers stick complete with horn handle. he had already fitted a brass component in the middle because the stick needed to be broken down to fit in a suitcase.

An experimental  diamond shaped bowl soon took shape on another lathe but John Cranmer exceeded his skill level  because the long wings were flexing to an alarming degree.  He decided that discretion was the better part of valour and cut the corners off. The bowl was none the worse for that.  John had another project ongoing.  This is a wooden racing car for his grandson.

And thats not all:-

Richard (excuse me I’ve forgot his last name). He’s relatively new to turning but coming on great.  Can you picture a wooden space ship made in contrasting woods? The underside has been recessed to take a set of LED lights and its going to be a light for his sons bedroom. How cool is that.  Richard had a good contrast of woods and had applied a good finish.

Bill Semple is the expert with LED’s .  He had an upright and modern looking light under construction.

I could go on but can any other of the day groups boast such variety?