Support given to a woo tuning whilst on the lathe to reduce vibration.

Phil Kent  Robert Sorby Lathe Steady in use.

Phil  comes up with some good ideas and whilst it isn’t obvious in the photo he has laminated a contrasting piece of wood at an angle to the top of his laburnum vase.  I can’t wait to see this one finished.

He also took the initiative to use the recently acquired lathe steady.  It gave him extra security in getting well down the long vase.  The steady is an ideal size for this type of work and will also be a great help when turning long thin articles.

Phil offers some advice though.  The metal bearings on the steady mark the work so you need to have a strategy before you start.  Either protect the work with some tape, leave a waste collar to be cut of after hollowing, or skim the marked area.

The steady is kept in the green cupboard. Lets use it to good advantage. It adds a new dimension to what can be done.

P.S. Little Dave is demoted to lathe No5 now.