Together We Wood

There is someone I work with who enjoys my handcrafted wood pens, but prefers acrylic since they tend to more “flashy”. Since I am making a few pens for him, I thought i would share how i completed the task. Here is how I make acrylic pens and pencils (My method includes a lot of sanding to minimize visible chips or cracked blanks).

Step 1 – Selecting your blank

I bought two blanks that I thought would turn out nice from One has a copper look and the other is a mixture of black and gold. For the Copper blank, I will be using a slimline mechanical pencil kit. For the Black/Gold blank, a Graduate Pen kit.


Step 2 – Size & Cut your blank

I cut the pen blanks to size using the copper tubes that came wit the kits as my template. I…

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