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It is with great pleasure that we are able to announce the 70th birthday on Saturday 19th October 2013, of our good friend David Johnson.  He works hard for the club and is well known across all sessions.  Congratulations Dave – what would we do without you.

Dave said that he has noting special arranged for the special day, although he did say that he would be absent form his usual Saturday morning session.  What does that mean then?

He did divulge that a couple of whiskeys may pass his lips over the weekend, however.

Dave wishes to convey his thanks through Bill Semple, to Mrs Semple, who provided a scrumptious birthday cake decorated with wood turnings made from marzipan. The turnings were model on someone else’s work, because Bill never finishes anything.

The cake was indeed very nice and was shared out between the Thursday group.  Devoured to the last crum.

Best wishes Dave, and many more Happy Birthdays.