Together We Wood

For the second part of my two-part tutorial, here is how I make a Celtic Knot in my pen blanks using my new jig.

1. Pen Blank (Curly Eucalyptus from
2. Walnut veneer (planed down to thickness of saw kerf)
3. Alumium Foil
4. 1 min epoxy
5. Celtic Knot Jig (See previous tutorial)

Step 1
I first made a cut with my table saw into a scrap piece of wood. This will determine my veneer thickness.

Step 2
I planed down some scrap pieces of walnut until it fit snug in my slot.

Step 3
I then took the pen tubes out of the bag and laid them out on my pen blank. I want to get an idea of where this Celtic Knot will be placed. Since my blank is so long, I am not too worried about the knot placement.

Step 4
I marked a…

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